Sunday Funday

Hello beautiful people. Today was a great day! We started off with some yummy sausage and eggs from the backyard.

We did some cleaning around the house and then spent a lot of the afternoon outside. It was around 50° today! We cleaned up the backyard, completely cleaned out the chicken coop and had a fire. We also took the walls out of their coop so they have open space. They all sleep together anyways. Lol.

Now we are inside, relaxing before we decide on dinner. Just wanted to share a few pics from today 🙂

Cleaned this nasty coop and took the walls out!
SO much better!
Look at that clean coop. They were loving it.

Have a good night yall


Hello beautiful people! I worked Monday-today and it feels good to have off until Tuesday! Whew lawd! Lol. After work, I took my son to the park for a bit. It’s chilly today but the sun is shining.

After the park, we went and got some lunch and headed home. I fed the chickens lunch and now we are watching a movie 🙂 next friday night is my step sisters wedding rehearsal and then show time Saturday. I’ll definitely post some pics!

On a side note, the other day I posted about going to an interview. But an opportunity at my job popped up and I took it. I will be working in a different department like 2 days a week along with what I do now. I’m super nervous because it’s a whole new world!! I’ll have to go through training of course. I know how to use the computer system (mostly) and I have no issues answering questions about the department I’m already in. But answering questions and dealing with memberships/money will be what I need to learn. I tend to doubt myself but I’m trying to stay positive. I’ll be completely out of my comfort zone. I’ll give updates when that starts!

Have a great weekend yall.

Happy V-day

Hello beautiful people.

If you celebrate Valentine’s day, I hope it’s been wonderful. If not, happy Valentine’s day anyways 😉 I surprised little man with a small gift this morning before school.

And of course, a little something for hubby.

He’s been trying to eat a little healthier so I got him snack packs and pistachios. Still had to get him mike and ikes though. Lol.

I had the morning off which was nice so after I dropped my son at school, I got breakfast for myself and gas. I watched a couple movies, took care of my chickens, tidied the house, vacuumed, did the dishes and laundry. Picked my son up from school and now in between getting ready for work, I’m writing this. My shift is 5:45-9. But in a bit, hubby is picking little man up from work and they are having dinner together.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

It’s Hump day!

Hello beautiful people. Hope yall had a great Wednesday. I work tomorrow morning, friday night and Saturday morning. I’m ready to get that done. Lol. Little man had lego club today after school. Basically each week they build something for their town they present next month at a local showcase 🙂 he’s been wanting to join since kindergarten so this means a lot to him.

Hubby got in a nice work out while I did homework with little man. Dinner tonight was lasagna and garlic bread. Yeah, not the best choice but it’s something we enjoy. I’m hoping to jump on the treadmill tomorrow!

This was a quick post but I wanted to hop on here anyways to say hi if nothing else. Lol

Have a good night 🙂


Long day

Hello beautiful people. Today was a Monday, that’s for sure. I had my interview today. The owner was super nice and easy to talk with which helped me a lot. But getting more in depth with her, I don’t know that it will be the right fit. I’m gonna sleep on it. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, I still have a great job. Every job has it’s pros and cons but I’m blessed nonetheless!

I picked little man up from school and I could tell he wasn’t feeling great. He started crying and told me he asked to sit out in gym because he was hurting and the gym teacher told him to just get in there. I felt so bad 😦 he said he went to the nurse and got an ice pack. I was wondering if she was going to call today because he woke up with a headache. I was nervous she was going to call in my interview but my baby is first!!! And thankfully my grandparents are around the corner from his school. I’m happy to have a good support system around me. I went to the store and picked up some medicine for him, he took that with his snack and juice and fell asleep. It’s 614pm and he just woke up. Bless his heart. I may keep him home tomorrow. Hope he feels better. I hate when my little man is under the weather.

Have a good night yall!

Morning out

Helllloooo again. Lol. It’s almost 50° now so earlier we decided to walk around the zoo, play at the park and have lunch. Where I live, we have a little zoo that’s free. You can find bears, monkeys, flamingos, bison, etc…

Just wanted to share a few pics from this morning! Back home now, hubby is taking a nap, little man is playing and I’m getting ready to straighten up!

Until next time!

Happy Sunday

Goodmorning beautiful people.

I slept pretty good last night considering how crummy I felt. When I got back from the bridal shower, I instantly felt tired. Couldn’t keep my eyes open, had a headache, my nose was stuffy and runny at the same time and my ears/throat were starting to hurt. Then before eating dinner, I was feeling nauseous. I got through dinner and that helped my stomach. Took medicine and went to bed. I feel much better today. Just a stuffy nose. I was so afraid it was going to be worse this morning. Whew!

I woke up to the sun shining today! It may be 28° but with the sun out and no wind, I love it.

On another note, I have an interview tomorrow and I’m so nervous. Not as much as I will be tomorrow. The thing is, I’ve been at my job for over 10 years…I started there in ’06. I did leave for about a year (give or take a couple months) when my son was little but went back because at the time, it was the perfect fit. For the most part, I could make my own hours and bring my son to work. Saving on child care was wonderful and I got to spend more time with my son. It’s still convenient now with him being in school because I still have the ability to make my own hours and take/pick him up from school. I’m very comfortable there, confident in how I do my job and have moved up a little. So going into this interview racks my nerves! Talking with owner though, it sounds as if she’s willing to work with my schedule which would be great but we’ll see. The hours would be a little different but not by much. If I got the job, I would obviously have to get used to a different route every morning and figure out days when my son has appointments or time off school. I’m trying to go into this positive but what if I say the wrong thing? Ahhh. Lol. I will update everyone tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my Sunday! Hope you do as well 🙂

Frosty this morning!

The only dude in the bunch. My rooster, Luke Combs